Church Eaton Parish Council Frequently Asked Questions

The Parish Council get asked similar questions on common themes many times. Below we have set out some of these frequently asked questions and some guidance from the Parish Council. It is worth noting that suitable complaints should be raised and logged using the correct mechanisms (many of which are detailed below) first as this formally records the issue with the appropriate team.

We have an online map of Church Eaton that should help people locate properties in the area.

There are two applications you can download to your phone which will provide useful information and the means of reporting various issues directly. The first app is 'Stafford BC' which allows the reporting of various issues with abandoned vehicles, street cleaning, fly tipping etc. You can also see bin collection days, car parks and events. The second app is called 'MyStaffs' and covers leisure, health, transport and roads, rights of way etc. These are a good starting point for many queries and complaints.

If possible, issues such as pot holes, flooding, road sign etc. should be reported through the Staffordshire County Council online facility in the first instance.
In the event that an urgent case requires escalation, the Parish Council can help with this and we ask that you provide the case reference number and any other information relating to your original reporting of the issue.

The Church Eaton Playpark is now open on the understanding that anyone using it does so at their own risk. Users are asked to follow these guidelines:

The Parish Council do not monitor playground usage. There is no cleaning regime in place, so users are responsible for cleaning the equipment. The Parish Council's COVID-19 risk assessment for the Playpark can be seen HERE

You can report incidents of fly tipping to Staffordshire Borough Council on 01785 619401 or to South Staffs Council 01902 696000 depending where the fly tipping has occured.

If your property has been recently affected by flood-water then please report this to Stafford County Council using the SCC Flood Questionnaire (

Alternatively, you can report it by printing, completing and returning this questionnaire

Staffordshire Police have a smart alerts system where you can either look at recent incidents or sign up for notifications.

We have conducted a survey which ended in June 2021 and we will be writing to various companies and bodies witht he findings. More information can be found in the Minute of the Parish council meetings.

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Coming soon

You can report fly tipping through either of the two apps mentioned above or via Stafford Borough Council Grime Watch website

Contacting the Parish Counci

The contact details for the Parish Council can be found here

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