St Editha's Church Graveyard and War Dead

Last updated 13-Oct-2023

There was a priest recorded in Church Eaton in the Doomsday survey of 1086 implying the presence of a church. Although villagers would have been buried in the church grounds long before, the burial registers only go back to 1538 and the earliest identifiable monument in the graveyard is for one Mary Crockett who died in 1728.

Church Eaton


References to local and national history can be found in the records, such as an entry in 1604 stating that "The Plague began in Eaton in this year", another in 1695 for Humphrey Huggerford who is described as a "popish recusant" and several entries around 1830 reporting deaths by drowning or falls of earth from the creation of the 'new canal'. At village level, an entry for 1680 records that Ellin Poole "was shot to death by her Sonn in Law William Poole". There are also entries and inscriptions to amuse or bring a wry smile such as a burial register record for Alicia Kowper who was buried in 1575, "She was a servant with Mystress Astley of Orslow and did make good drynke and was liberal of the same to every man." and a monumental inscription dedicated to the Busby sisters who died young:

The grave has eloquence, its lectures teach in silence louder than divines can preach. Hear what it says, ye sons of folly hear. It speaks to you, lend an attentive ear. Prepare, prepare, prepare to die for we were young though here we lie. We in one month were called away, how soon you will follow who can say.


A plan of St Editha's graveyard, together with a transcription of the legible headstones and complete burial register extracts back to 1538 are available through the links below. It is intended to update the records annually in October, just before All Souls.

St Edithas Church Eaton Graveyard Plan to the North

St Edithas Church Eaton Graveyard Plan to the South

St Edithas Church Eaton Known Graveyard Inscriptions and Burial register entries

Unlocated Graves – Burial Register Entries

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War dead

We also have a list in memory of those of this village who gave their lives to defend our country:

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