Church Eaton Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch

The principle is simple. Through communication and cooperation, neighbours work together to protect their community and report suspicious people and incidents to the police.
Neighbourhood Watch schemes help to develop a greater shared awareness between police and local residents of a community's problems. They also give local people a better understanding of the practical steps that can be taken to tackle problems - either through greater vigilance, or crime prevention measures.


The Neighbourhood Watch scheme that I set up after agreeing to be the local coordinator has not worked as I hoped. Indeed, trying to log on today, it told me that no scheme existed. The original idea of NW was for people to help each other and to send and receive information to and from the police and other authorities. Today it has become a one-way process, with information only being sent out from the police etc. Most of that is irrelevant to us in Church Eaton area. I do not need to know that someone was assaulted in Stoke or a burglary occurred in Uttoxeter, I want local news. To send information to the police seems to fall back to 999, that should only be used in emergencies, or 101, which is pretty ineffective.

A host of local alternatives have been set up:

  • The village web site
  • Other local web sites like church and school
  • Several Facebook pages
  • A lot of WhatsApp groups
  • A Next door scheme.
  • Numerous Twitter addresses
  • Probably many more, Including correspondence between individuals.
The result of all this is a reduction in local information, as hardly anyone will be receiving news from all these sources. To try to get a system that works for the area and quickly gets news to the majority of interested people, I think a discussion is required.

I propose to have a meeting at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Institute on Tuesday 23rd November 2021.

I hope that people who are coordinating any of the above resources will attend, so we can improve our local communications. It must be restricted to important events, such as blocked roads, loose horses, fires, animals on the road, road traffic accidents, major potholes, etc. Not what someone had for dinner, or requests for gardeners.

I hope that we can get a representative group together for that meeting, particularly if you have any input into the current systems.

Please email me at to say if you will be attending or that you are interested, but unable to attend.

The Parish Council has kindly agreed to fund the meeting, as they realise that local communication is very important.

I look forward to hearing from you.
John Edwards, Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

The benefits of belonging to a scheme

Neighbourhood Watch in Staffordshire
There are more than 2000 Neighbourhood Watch schemes in Staffordshire. Each normally comprises of a local coordinator and ten members.
The force uses WatchOUT, a county-wide computerised message delivery system, to pass up-to-date information speedily to Neighbourhood Watch coordinators.
The aims of Staffordshire Police Neighbourhood Watch are to:

Useful contacts

Staffordshire Police Emergency Number, in the case of an emergency call 999
Staffordshire Police Non Emergency Number 101 For all non-emergency calls.
Staffordshire Police website :

The Chase Watch Team
We provide members of Neighbourhood Watch and other Watches with support, guidance and advice:
Vicki Singleton: Telephone 01543-464218

Ash Connor: Telephone 01785-234129

OWL (On-line Watch Link):

Staffordshire Fire & Rescue
Non Emergency Number: 08451-22-11-55
Staffordshire Fire website :
Book a free Home Fire risk Check by calling 0800-0241-999 or on line at: Home fire risk check

Staffordshire & Stoke-on-Trent
Trader Register: call 01785 330888
Many consumers find it difficult to find a trader they can rely upon when they need building or repair work carried out upon their homes. The Trader Register aims to reassure consumers, providing advice and information on employing a trader and working together to get things right first time. The Register covers all aspects of home improvement and repair work, including building, carpentry, external property repairs, decorating and home security. To contact the register please call between 10am and 4pm

Consumer Direct: call 08454 04 05 06
Provides practical consumer advice on all kinds of consumer issues from problems with cars to faulty household appliances

Fly Tipping
Report incidents of fly tipping to your local council on the following numbers:
Cannock Chase District Council: 01543 462621
Stafford Borough Council: 01785 619401
South Staffs Council: 01902 696000

Preferencing Services
To cut down on telephone cold-calling telephone 0845 070 0707.
The call must be made from the telephone number receiving the unwanted calls. You can also use this number to reduce the number of unwanted text messages to your mobile phone.
To cut down on personally addressed junk mail, call 0845-703-4599
Allow at least four months before you will see a reduction in the amount you receive.

Staffordshire Trading Standards:
01785 277888 for free information, advice and assistance to consumers.
Staffordshire Trading Standards 24 hour Rapid Response Team: 0777 379 2252
They can advise or respond to anyone in the community who thinks that they are being targeted by a rogue doorstep trader. The team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To pass specific information about crime or criminals, anonymously, without direct contact with the police.
Telephone them on: 0800 555 111
Report via the internet:

Cannock Chase District Council 01543-462621
S Staffs District Council 01902-696000
Stafford Borough Council 01785-619000

NHWN (Neighbourhood & Home Watch Network)