Church Eaton Parish Council minutes 3 Dec 2019


Parish Councillors Mrs S. Dodd, Messrs P. Bailey, P. Harriman, S. Moore and A. Brown, four members of the public and the Clerk, Mrs D. Key.


These were received from the following, Parish Councillors Mrs K. Reeves and Mr D. Massie, Stafford Borough Councillor Mr R. Sutherland and Staffs County Councillor and Stafford Borough Councillor Mr M. Winnington.

Previous Minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were deemed as a true record by those present and were duly signed by the Chairman, Councillor Mr P. Harriman.

Matters arising

It was reported that Councillor Mr D. Massie was to install the new fingerpost by Christmas.

Late items

These would be taken as they appeared as agenda items.

Matters discussed

Open Forum

Two local residents in attendance expressed their understandable frustrations and concerns over the poor road conditions especially in the Marston area. There had been a visit by County Highways in an attempt to sort out some of the drainage issues in this area but it would seem that this had not been sufficient. Mr Bob Giles was still having to endure severe flooding to his property from the highway with water up to his front door. Chairman Mr P. Harriman led a discussion on this matter noting concerns and reiterated that the Parish Council were continually reporting all of these problems to the Highways Department, as were local residents themselves. It seemed that persistence was the only option in trying to get these matters resolved.

Neighbourhood Watch

The Clerk had received an email from Mandy Corser who wished to inform the Parish Council about registering on the new Staffordshire smart alert system. Mandy also pointed out that with the new scheme you can select a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme to join, however there was not one listed for Church Eaton with Bradley being shown as the nearest scheme. Mandy also stated that she would not be able to devote much, if any, time to Neighbourhood Watch in the future. With this in mind the Parish Council agreed to look at finding somebody who might like to take on setting up and running a Church Eaton Neighbourhood Watch Scheme and discuss this matter further at the January meeting. The Council noted, and expressed their thanks to Mandy for her long service and hard work with Neighbourhood Watch.

Church Eaton Village Playground

Councillor Mr S. Moore returned the inspection book and reported that everything seemed to be in good order. The grass was quite long but due to the recent wet weather it would have been too wet for this to be cut. The Clerk had, following the quotation from Mr John Hall for the trimming of the playground hedges, had instructed him to carry out the work. The Chairman took the inspection book for the forthcoming month


The Clerk had conveyed all the comments made in relation to the three previous planning applications to the Borough Council, but had received an email notifying the Council that there had been an amendment to the application for the construction of a summer room and garage at Little Onn Hall (application number 19/31150/HOU). The Parish Council had previously not made any objections to these proposals and had submitted a response to reflect this. However the amendment was now for the removal of the garaging element included in the original application. The Chairman had also been approached by a local neighbour over plans for the garage and it would appear that there were some concerns over the scale of the proposed garage by the Borough Conservation Officer.


It was agreed that a number of the current highways issues had been covered in the Open Forum section of the meeting and again it was reiterated that the extremely wet weather was making the poor conditions of many of the roads a lot more serious. The very large pot hole in Slab Lane which had been discussed at the November meeting had been filled in.
Problems with parking on the High Street were also discussed again. The Chairman Councillor Mr P. Harriman had still not heard from the School’s Head Teacher - Mr Simon Shaw - who had agreed to raise this matter with the School Governors.

Christmas Tree Festival

Councillor Mrs S. Dodd reported that the Christmas Tree Festival had been a great success and had raised a lot of money. The Chairman thanked both Councillor Mrs S. Dodd and Mrs Jayne Moore for their sterling efforts with the Parish Council Christmas Tree. Mrs S. Dodd also waived her expenses for the tree which she was also thanked for.


The Clerk had received the following invoices; JWH for grass cutting amounting to £48.00; one for the December hire of the Institute for the Council meeting and one from the Borough Council for £98.00, for the second payment in relation to the Civic Amenity visits for 2019. These items of expenditure were proposed for payment by the Chairman Councillor Mr P. Harriman and seconded by Councillor Mrs S. Dodd. All were in favour.
With regards to setting the Parish precept, Councillor Mr S. Moore had forwarded to all members a spread sheet to help assist with the precept setting. This matter was to be discussed at the next meeting in January.


A Stafford Borough Council Members Digest had been received. The Clerk had also received an invitation to the gala performance of the Borough pantomime which Mrs S. Dodd hoped to attend. An invitation from the Borough had also been received for the forthcoming charity ball and carol service.
The Chairman had also been in conversation with Mr M. Faarup over funding for the Glebelands car park and which was to be discussed again at a future meeting.

Date of next meeting

It was agreed that the next meeting of the Parish Council would be held on Tuesday the 7th January 2020 at 7.30 pm in the Village Institute.

The meeting closed at 8.45pm.