Church Eaton Parish Council Frequently Asked Questions

The Parish Council get asked similar questions on common themes many times. Below we have set out some of these frequently asked questions and some guidance from the Parish Council.

If possible, issues such as pot holes, flooding, road sign etc. should be reported through the Staffordshire County Council online facility in the first instance.
In the event that an urgent case requires escalation, the Parish Council can help with this and we ask that you provide the case reference number and any other information relating to your original reporting of the issue.

The Church Eaton Playpark will remain closed in accordance with the Government COVID-19 guidelines.

You can report incidents of fly tipping to Staffordshire Borough Council on 01785 619401 or to South Staffs Council 01902 696000 depending where the fly tipping has occured.

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Contacting the Parish Counci

The contact details for the Parish Council can be found here

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